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Maritime Hippy.

I'm here to share with you my passion for the ocean environment and cruising lifestyle. Jump on board and start participating in an amazing and ever changing floating community!



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Life is for the living, or you're better off dead. Food, art, environment and cruising culture.

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Townsville to TI

Everything you need to prepare for your cruise inside Australia's Northern Great Barrier Reef from Townsville to Thursday Island in the Torres Strait.

Pages and pages of pictures, advice and maps built on us having being there and done that!

Download a free sample of the book and when you are ready, place your order online.

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Sea gypsy, floating vagabond, oceanic nomad, bum or just plain nut?

I tend to think of a maritime hippy as a person who aspires to a simple, community-connected, environmentally mindful life while aboard a boat.

I believe real wealth is having discretionary time and the point isn't to have the most - it is to have what you need for your purposes. Collectively, our true prosperity is inextricably linked to biodiversity and environmental health.

It is my aim here to help you mindfully choose your own ideal boating lifestyle. As a journalist I always thought "life is all about one thing: the stories you can tell." I've aged. It's now "how will we live today and choose what to leave our children."

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